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Special K® Plans are tailored to fit your lifestyle and help you stay on track. Whether you're looking for meal plans, recipes and progress tracking tools, or simply need inspiration to keep up your routine, our holistic weight management plan is for you.


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Your journey to feeling fabulous starts here with Special K®. Your personalised plan will help you embark on a special trip to feeling confident - with personalised meal plans, delicious recipes, fantastic fitness tips and inspiring content to keep you motivated.
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Look forward to every meal with delicious meal plans designed by nutritionists to fit your needs.

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We’ll help you start a plan and then follow it point-by-point towards success. See your progress and mark your accomplishments along the way.

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Help keep up your momentum with support from people you care about. Follow friends and encourage each other to keep moving forward.

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Staying on your plan is easier when you have all the ingredients on your menu handy. Create a shopping list, then send it to your email or print out a copy to take to the store.

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